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Nơi thông báo những thông tin và qui định mới nhất từ Diễn đàn

Nội quy gửi bài trong diễn đàn


Thứ nhất: Phải sử dụng tiếng Việt có dấu, viết hoa đầu câu khi tham gia thảo luận diễn đàn.
Sau một thời gian hoạt động mình nhận thấy, có rất nhiều bạn mắc lỗi hình thức cơ bản trong Tiếng Việt:
- Sau dấu chấm không viết hoa.

Ví dụ:
Lấy $ g=10 \ \left(\text{m}/\text{s}^2\right)$. Tốc độ trung bình của vật nặng trong một chu kì là $ 50 \...
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Xử lý thành viên vi phạm

Nơi đây là nơi xử lí các thành viên vi phạm nội quy diễn đàn.

Bạn kankykt3 Vi phạm nội quy bài viết, viết tắt, không viết hoa và không gõ latex. Treo nick 1 tuần
kankykt3 đã viết:
ah mà sao bạn lý giải lại rỏ hơn phần sao mà
4A ~ 1T
$\Rightarrow$ 2,4A~ 0,6T vâyh bạn
kankykt3 đã viết:
khống sao .. trảtrar lời dùm mình thì mình thk rùi ^^

It seems that this star is not last night

Ye Li finally could not help but look up the eyes of many glittering things in the flow so that blurred the line of sight so she could not see the appearance of Mrs Xie can only vaguely see her smile to Xie Yihan as well as her open arms ears are listening to her darling called her daughter Daughter this word is really kind unfortunately her daughter is only Xie Yihan and she Ye Li has never been a wild child who does not know who her parents are that's all After that day Ye Li worked harder...

Online Games: Raging Death

For example NPC as many people know refers to the humanoid game data that is responsible for issuing tasks in the game But such a thing to explain to a person who does not understand the game at all it is not easy to start from where Because NPC is NPC it has become a common sense content Liu Yunfei quickly broke his lips to let the cotton candy understand what the priest is and what the difference is between them Thanks to his patience he was bored to death by the personality of breaking...

Control the spirit Lord

Her heart is cold Suddenly feel all these years It's nothing to take root in her heart Only this year with the small white but let her feel some warmth When Xiao Bai lost it from her hand Wang Ye didn't do anything to him Xiao Bai came back without mentioning a word Instead he asked after her and let her live like a master She wouldn't believe it even if she was killed Such a good person Say no and it's gone She lived on her fingers in the house every day and perhaps the gods and Buddhas in...

Lightning Summoner

Just as he was immersed in memories a crowd of noise suddenly came from a restaurant in front of him Shang Ding was stunned and quickened his pace to the door of the restaurant where the trouble was caused and looked inside Squeezing into the crowd he was surprised plastic packing tube
to find that the person who was surrounded was a girl The girl looked two years younger than herself She wore a black pleated dress and a striking black bow on her head Her facial features were...

Please look at me through the door

Could it be said that the ice coffin has confirmed that the person who wants to hurt me is Hu Ma I heard that Hu Ma used to be the wet nurse of the former Mrs Gu She was so close that if according to the ice coffin the former Mrs Gu died because of his fault then Hu Ma's revenge would become logical But if you want to retaliate just go straight to the ice coffin What can you do to torment me Maybe Hu Ma didn't really want to kill me but it was initially suspected that she might want to scare...

Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

I urged the two men next to me to leave the range of the tree and walk towards the other side but at that moment the ground under our feet shook the sky and the earth rotated and the branches overhead seemed to come to life constantly making a rustling sound and then waving like human arms the star demon could not stand steadily and fell directly to the ground and when I bent down to help him The Taoist Priest Wuchen shouted "Oh my God this ***ing tree is going to move again It's miserable...

Weapon Master of Online Games

Both of them were very fast and on the star-picking platform with the strong wind it was like two shadows shuttling back and forth flashing silver and fists from time to time which made people very nervous Brush ~ "Ling Yuntian stabbed with a dagger and passed by Peran's ear" Escaped Ling Yuntian's dagger Perrin's other hand He clenched his fist and waved it from the corner like an iron bullet You're done "With a shout Perrin seemed to I think I must have succeeded At this critical moment...

Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...

Ye Fan roared in anger the vision opened and the mother of all things Qi Ding covered her body She fought and attacked in the first killing array and killed a corner to break the array At this time he had all kinds of secret methods and there were signs that he was going to turn into chaos However at this moment the four supreme were determined to kill him and tried their best to run the big array and each of their weapons were hanging on the gate of the array combined with the four swords...

A big country has no boundaries

"As a big country in the East a country that has always been famous for its civilization should our country continue to work hard for our economic needs in the turbulent period of the world even though in the eyes of many countries and nations our economic achievements are enough to shine in the world" However what I want to say now is that at any time for our country maintaining healthy and sustainable economic development is not only an important condition for achieving long-term stability...

Molten rock

Feng Ning shook his head and said "I didn't open it I just saw that they wanted to take it away and the dragon family hid it so secretly that they thought it was important so I ran away with it" "Since it's important why don't you go back to the Dragon Mansion and give it to the steward but come all the way to me" "There is a mole in the Dragon Mansion Otherwise how can they know where things are hidden The three brothers of the Dragon family are not here I dare not hand them over Besides...

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